Groningen, the Netherlands


Groningen, the Netherlands

Zienemaan | Bioscoopje

The tiniest cinema in Groningen
Especially for Noorderzon this year, and in collaboration with Zienemaan & Sterren, a shipping container has been transformed into a marvellous mini cinema. Film buffs can visit to watch lovely shorts: everything from a satanic comedy to an extremely relevant drama to a Cold War western. The programme has something for everyone. The shorts have been carefully selected at various film festivals in the Netherlands and much further afield. And now they can all be seen in Groningen in this cosy little movie theatre.

Bioscoopje is opened daily between 16:00 and 22:00 en presents a film every half hour. A passe-partout for all the movies is 10 euros.



In collaboration with | Zienemaan en Sterren

Band of Thieves, made by | Fidel Ruiz-Healy
Fucking Bunnies, made by | Teemu Niukkanen
Import, made by | Ena Sendijarovic
Samira, made by | Charlotte A. Rolfes

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