Friends of Noorderzon

(c) Pierre Borasci

(c) Pierre Borasci

  • (c) Pierre Borasci

Become friends with Noorderzon

Noorderzon is very happy with the loyal, growing group of Friends of the festival. That’s why we want to offer something extra to our Friends.

As a Friend of Noorderzon you support our festival for € 25,- a year and you’ll receive the following extras:

  • Friends will receive a discount on a selection of typical (maximum of 10) Noorderzon performances
  • Friends will receive the Programme Preview
  • Friends will receive the Noorderzon Magazine as soon as it is printed
  • Friends will get a 10% discount on all Noorderzon Merchandise, available during the festival at the Noorderzon Shop
  • Friends will receive a Noorderzon Friends Pass

If you would like more information about being our Friend, send an e-mail with your name and address to During the festival you can fill out the voucher (available at the Kiosk).

Duo Friendship

This year Noorderzon introduces something new: the Duo Friendship! Don't sleep on this and become a friend of Noorderzon together with your favorite sidekick for only € 40 a year.

* Due to many requests, this temporary offer is extended 

With the Duo Friendship you support the festival and receive the following extras:

- A personal discount on a large number of Noorderzon performances (on a maximum of 2 per performance for a maximum of 20 performances)
- Your duo receives the Noorderzon magazine sent as soon as it is rolls off the press
- A Noorderzon poster to hang behind the window (or somewhere else of course :))
- 10% discount on all Noorderzon merchandise, available at the Noorderzonshop ('Centrale Kiosk') during the festival
- 2 x the Noorderzon Friends Pass
- Discount on performances selected by us at the Grand Theatre, often from artists that you have seen at Noorderzon before

Click here to start a Duo Friendship with us online.
Are you already a Friend but do you want to switch to a Duo Friendship? Send an email to