The Noorderzon Festival can’t do without the help of dedicated volunteers. Are you planning a trip to Groningen? Or are you living in Groningen (maybe temporarily) and want to meet a lot of people and help us out a bit? Then come and join us to make the festival a success! The next edition of Noorderzon takes place from Thursday August 15th till Sunday August 25th, 2019. sent an email to if you want to join us. 

There are possibilities for our international volunteers to work for us but there are some rules. We would like to ask you to pay specific attention to the following questions and mention your answer:

  • The country where you were born (in or outside the EU).
  • If you are from outside the EU, do you have a work permit for working in the EU?
Crew sign-up Noorderzon 2018
  • Part 1: information and experience

  • If your answer is no, then please skip subquestions a, b and c.

  • Part 2: availability

  • If you are unable at this particular moment to fill in your availabilty, then please leave this part blank. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss this. 

  • Part 3: Additional Information