Actually, I wanted to be gone

Door: Jelke Ludolphij

To stand on stages high and far 
Thinking of the things I said. 
Wishing life upon a star 
While my bones are cast from lead. 

Not a helpless happy thinking 
Or a silent merry sigh. 
No, my mind no longer sinking 
And my words about to fly. 

Dancing dead in what is me
And let that be the excuse. 
The gears the only true decree, 
Myself now finally let loose. 

So my thoughts are fixed on paper 
And superficial are my needs. 
Where the slope of life does taper, 
The uncanny is what feeds. 

Forget the silent tribulations 
Of the man that I may be. 
As my mind is spanning nations, 
It feels very far from free. 

Now you look at me with humor, 
Or with horror hard to cease, 
But my mind is ones and zeros, 
While my heart beats twos and threes. 


Geïnspireerd door Uncanny Valley van Rimini Protokoll

Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) / M√ľnchner Kammerspiele

Niels Knelis Meijer

Stefan Kaegi (Rimini Protokoll) / M√ľnchner Kammerspiele