The Dok line-up is complete!

Posted at: 17 Jul 2018

Yes! After announcing some legendary names already, today we announce the final four names of the line-up of the Dok stage. 

Follow Arp Frique to a tropical paradise. Make your weirdest dance moves while Agar Agar. Invoke your sense of rhythm using the energy of BLOW 3.0. Or just leave this earthly planet with the trippy music that EUT has to offer! 

Every day, after all the theater performances and other events have ended, you can enjoy music for free on this enormous stage that is built on top of the pond in the Noorderplantsoen. It is one of the most colorful and iconic stages that you'll ever see. Promise!

Every concert starts at 22.30 hr except on the last day of the festival (2 September) when the first concert starts at 18.30 hr already!

Line-up Het Dok:
thu 23 Aug | Ezra Furman
fri 24 Aug | BLOW 3.0
sa 25 Aug | BALOJI
su 26 Aug | Arp Frique
mo 27 Aug | Warhola
tue 28 Aug | Hannah Williams & The Affirmations
wed 29 Aug | Destroyer
thu 30 Aug | The GO! Team
fri 31 Aug | Agar Agar
sa 1 Sept | EUT 
su 2 Sept 18:30 | Meindert Talma & Band
zo 2 Sept 20:30 | Omar Souleyman

Follow our Spotify playlist to get ahead with memorizing the lyrics!  

Also, keep an eye on the programme page of our website to see what other music we have in store for you!