On Monday 17 July at 12 noon, regular presale tickets will be on sale at the Noorderzon Ticket & Info Centre in the Grand Theatre (Grote Markt 35, Groningen). On Monday 14 August at 1 PM, the Central Kiosk in the Noorderplantsoen will open. There are three kiosks in the park: the Central Kiosk, Kiosk Zuid (South) and Kiosk Noord (North).

On this page you'll find everything you need to know about ordering tickets. Do you still have a question? No problem! Please send an email to

If you've got any questions about our programme, please use our online chat starting from July 17, or send an email to (help me choose).

Direct ticket sales

Noorderzon Ticket & Info Centre in the Grand Theatre (Grote Markt 35, Groningen)
Opening hours:
Mon 17 Jul – Wed 16 Aug | 1-5 PM (Sundays closed)
weekdays during the festival | 2-7.30 PM
weekends during the festival | 1-7.30 PM
Sunday 27 Aug | closed

Central Kiosk in the Noorderplantsoen
Opening hours:
Mon 14 Aug – Wed 16 Aug | 1-5 PM
weekdays during the festival | 2-10 PM
weekends during the festival | 1-10 PM
Sunday 27 Aug | 12 noon – 8 PM

Kiosk Zuid in the Noorderplantsoen
weekdays during the festival | 1-10 PM
weekends during the festival | 12 noon-10 PM
Sunday 27 Aug | 12 noon-6 PM
Purchase your coins for Rotor activities at the Speelweide at Kiosk Zuid.

Kiosk Noord in the Noorderplantsoen
weekdays during the festival | 2-10 PM
weekends during the festival | 1-10 PM
Sunday 27 Aug | closed

You can pay in cash or by card (no credit card) and you will receive your tickets straightaway.

Online ticket sales

Our online ticket sales start on Monday July 17 at 12 noon. From that moment you can buy tickets through, and pay with iDEAL (through your own Dutch bank) or with a creditcard (Visa and Mastercard). If you buy your tickets online before Friday August 11 your tickets will be sent to you through post (only to addresses in The Netherlands). The service costs are 2 euros for the total of every online transaction (and a little more if you choose to pay by credit card).

If you purchase your tickets from Friday August 11 onwards, you will receive an email with a voucher. With this voucher you can pick up your tickets at the Kiosk in the Noorderplantsoen from Monday August 14 onwards or at the Noorderzon Ticket- en Info center.

If the performance will NOT take place in the Noorderplantsoen but at a DownTown location, you can also collect your tickets at the venue half an hour before the start of the performance. If the performance will take place in one of the venues in the Noorderplantsoen (Romeo Tent, Ophelia Tent, Spiegeltent, Desdemona Tent) you have to collect the tickets you have purchased at the Kiosk.

Manual online ticket sales

  • Choose a performance on
  • Click on the 'Buy Tickets' button
  • A pop-up screen called 'shopping cart' will appear. If you do not have a username and password, you can create them here.
  • If you want to order more tickets, click "continue shopping" to go back to the programme list. Your previously selected tickets remain in your shopping cart until you go to checkout. If you decide you do not want to order any extra tickets afterall, you can simply get to checkout by clicking 'shopping card' at the top of every webpage.
  • Follow the remaining steps in the shopping card to buy your tickets.
  • You will always receive an email if your ticket order was succesfull.

Last-minute tickets & venue-only tickets

Last -minute tickets at the Noorderplantsoen kiosks
Tickets can be purchased online via the Noorderzon website up until one hour (60 minutes) before the performance or show commences. Any tickets still available for shows and performances in the Noorderplantsoen in the final hour (60 minutes) will ONLY be sold as last-minute tickets at the Noorderplantsoen kiosks, and NOT at the tent venues. There is a Noorderplantsoen kiosk nearby all the festival park venues.

Last -minute tickets Down Town
It will still be possible to purchase last-minute tickets at the DownTown venues.

Venue -only tickets
For some shows and performances, tickets may only be purchased at the venue itself, with ticket sales beginning 30 minutes before the show. If this is the case, this is stated in the festival info. Please note that these ticket purchases are cash only!


More information & rules of the game

Information number
If you need any help or have any questions, please contact us via or +31 (0)6 55 59 62 99 You can reach us on this number on weekdays from Monday July 17 until Sunday August 27 between 13.00 and 17.00. Of course you can also contact us via

Rules of the game

  • no admission after performance begins
  • tickets cannot be returned or exchanged
  • our programme is intended for adults unless otherwise stated
  • programme and show times may be subject to change
  • our general terms and conditions apply

Become our friend and get your tickets with a discount

Noorderzon is very pleased with the loyal, growing group of Friends of the festival. If you become our Friend now, you will get a discount when ordering tickets.

As a Friend of Noorderzon you support our festival for € 25,- a year and you’ll receive the following extras:

  • Friends will receive a discount on a selection of typical Noorderzon performances
  • Friends will receive the Programme Preview
  • Friends will receive the Noorderzon Magazine as soon as it is printed
  • Friends will get a 10% discount on all Noorderzon Merchandise, available during the festival at the Noorderzon Shop
  • Friends will receive a Noorderzon Friends Pass

As soon as you've bought our Friends Pass online, you can buy tickets with a discount at our website. Just use the same user name when logging in. You are given a discount on 2 tickets per performance, with a maximum of 10 tickets in total.

If you would like more information about being our Friend, send an e-mail with your name and address to

Is everything really always sold out?

Of course we often hear that everything is always sold out. That may well be the case for the popular shows, but don’t let that stop you from visiting one of the Kiosks or using the website’s chat function to find out about the rest of the programme. There is (nearly) always something going on!